“Where everything meets nothing”

Love, love, and love this hotel 🇮🇸🌌

An area full of Energy, where the two tectonic plates are drifting apart, surrounded by hot springs and streams….The luxurious Ion Adventure designer hotel in Iceland is one of my favorite hotel so far.

I spent 4 nights in this amazing place to spot the Northern Lights. The hotel lies beside the geothermal power plant of Nesjavellir, and used to be the accommodation of the employees. It is about 1 hour drive from Reykjavik. During winter some of the roads may be closed due to the huge amount of snow. Therefore always check the road conditions (here), and rent a 4 wheel drive car. Also if you don’t want to drive by your self, the hotel has shuttle service.

The design of the rooms are Icelandic, and the bed is super comfortable. They use a lot of recycled material in the interior architecture. The products in the bathroom are from a luxury cosmetic brand originally from Iceland, called Sóley.

The hotel has a spa region, called Lava Spa 🌋. You will find here sauna, resting area, and an unforgettable heated outdoor pool. They also offer different activities like massages, skin treatments, or morning yoga.

The hotel has two restaurants, both offering Icelandic specialities from fresh local ingredients. Silfra is for breakfast or dinner, while the Northern Lights bar with it’s amazing panoramic view is usually for a snack and drinks.

Why do I highly recommend this hotel?


It can be found in the Unesco listing Pingvellir National Park, where no artificial lights and noise will bother you.

It is told to be one of the best places to see the Northern Lights from.

The hotel has an amazing atmosphere and architecture.

The interior design is Icelandic.

The a spa area with an outer hot pool is super relaxing – where you can rest and just watch the spectacular Aurora Borealis – also has a sauna, and a resting area.

The famous Golden Circle, and the Blue Lagoon is easy to reach.

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