The real Toblerone

Meeting the iconic Matterhorn 🇨🇭 🏔

Love at first sight 💚💚💚

The Matterhorn is one of the most amazing peak I ever saw. It lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy, and is one of the highest summit in the Alps with it’s 4,478 meters. And yes, it is the sign of the iconic chocolate: Toblerone.

Arriving to Zermatt 🚉

The best place to stay when meeting the Matterhont is Zermatt. This little town is famous ” for it’s skiing, especially Triftji for its moguls. The high altitude results in consistent skiing continuously throughout the summer.”

The town cannot be visited by car in order to prevent air pollution. Almost all the cars, vehicles are electric in Zermatt. Well we not aware of that. But!

There is a little town north from Zermatt called Tasch, operating trains to Zermatt. You can leave your car on a huge Parking place next to the train station. The train goes 3 times in an hour, so quite frequently, and the trip last around 15 minutes. Arriving to Zermatt cute little electric shuttles will bring you to your hotel.

The town is amazing, as it can be expected from a luxury ski resort. So be prepared for the prices (like mostly everywhere in Switzerland hahaha)!!! There are plenty luxury shops like Rolex, Chopard etc., the houses were full of amazing flowers. The town is very clean, but has lot of tourists.

Exploring the Gornergrat 🏔

To explore the Matterhorn, and make iconic photos you have to visit Gornergrat. It is a summit next to the Matterhorn, lies 3089 meters high. To reach it you can take the spectacular cog railway, what was the World’s first fully electrified cog railway.

The prices of the tickets changes seasonally. For a one way ticket it is around 40-60 CHF while the return is around 70-110 CHF, but for proper prices click here. We went for a one way ticket because we decided to hike back to Zermatt. Well, it was a lifetime experience for somebody who never made a hiking like this before 😀

The train stops 4 times before reaching the terminus at Gornergrat. The travel lasts about half an hour. If you visit this place during summertime, bring jumpsuit, because above 3000 meters it can be a bit colder compared to the temperature in the town.

The trip was amazing with spectacular view to Matterhorn, and Zermatt, and was really fun to travel with those amazing red cogwheels. While reaching higher and higher, vegetation decreases, and at the end you are only surrounded by rocks.

The terminus is the highest open air station in Europe, with a hotel called 3100 Kulmhotel. The hotel has two huge astronomical telescopes, and restaurants. Once I really wanna try this hotel, it would be amazing.

The panoramic view is breathtaking, encompassing 29 of the Alps’ highest peaks measuring over 4,000 meters, including the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Castor, Pollux… (yes they can be familiar from the Huger Games :)), with amazing glaciers, lakes.

The big Hike 🚶‍♀️

Hiking back to Zermatt is pretty hard. With an 1500 meters of level difference it is a big challenge if you are not an expert. If you are planning to have lunch, to take pictures, and if you are not in a hurry the tour can lasts almost the whole day. Therefore I recommend to choose a morning departure with the cog wheel so you can take your time and enjoy the view.

Also bring hiking clothes, not like me, wearing Converse and jeans 😀 (I was not aware what I was about to undertake :D)

You can choose between a lot of hiking trails.

If you want to visit the iconic place where the most pictures are taken of the Matterhorn, you should go to Riffelsee. It is easy to reach, and close to Gornergrat. If you are lucky enough, you may face yourself with the famous blacknose sheep’s. They are very cute, but don’t go that close if there are no shepherds around.

Reaching Rifflesee, you can rest, soak in the view, and make pictures of the peak. The place is peaceful, especially when the weather is good. Enjoying the sunshine, starring at the Matterhorn was a lifetime experience. This became one of my favorite places in Europe.

Continuing your trail trip back to Zermatt, there are plenty resting points and restaurants. Here you can rest a bit, have a lunch. If you are really tired you can continue the trip with the cog wheel downward.


As reaching closer and closer, more trees, plants are appearing. You will pass some amazing crystal clear brooks, here you can fill your bottle. Approaching the city you will find yourself mostly in the forests, where it can be a bit colder due to the shadows of the trees. This part was the hardest for me, not because getting really tired, but also because of disgusting insects/bugs (huge wasps or what it may be 🐝).

Finally after a 6-7 hour trip we reached back to our hotel, and could not walk for the next 2 weeks. Literally, could not wear high heels, and go down a staircase….. But it was fun 🚞💚🇨🇭

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