Step out to the Beach

🐬 Face to face with the Rock of Gibraltar 🐬

The sound of the sea, the view, and the nautical interior design with blue windows shutters…🐙🐚

El Bahia is a perfect choice. This amazing budget hotel lies in the town of Algeciras (Spain), located in the bay of Gibraltar. The place has a spectacular view to the huge Rock. From the main entrance you literally step out to the soft sandy beach.

The port next to the hotel has regular ferries to Tangier and Ceuta. Tarifa Playa and Gibraltar are a short drive away. So if you wanna do a day trip to Morocco, try the surfing in Tarifa, or visit the Barbary macaques in Gibraltar, I really recommend this place to stay.

The Interior

The design of the hotel is nautical. They use the colors of white, blue, and brown. The rooms are quite simple. They all have private bathroom and balcony with a view to Gibraltar, or to the port. The seagulls and the sound of the sea gives a cosy atmosphere, and makes your sleep and stay even more relaxing.

The lounge area is furnished with pallet sofas, candlesticks, pillows, and plants. It has a shower too, where you can wash off the sand or the salt before entering your room or just chilling on the pallets. During the evening, when it gets darker, drinking and talking next to the cosy candlelights is fun.

If the weather is good, you can enjoy your breakfast on the sunny terrace, with a view to the bay. Sometimes, if you are lucky you can spot dolphins too 🐬. The terrace is open till the evening, and it is a perfect place for social life. The property also has a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch or dinner.

What to do

The hotel is perfect for friends road trip. As I mentioned the beach is sandy, and full of little shells. On daytime you can relax, get tanned. When the night falls: light a campfire, roast marshmallows, have a drink. Don’t miss the sunrise. It is pretty amazing as the sun comes up next to the Rock of Gibraltar.

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