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Europe is full of movie locations. There are the major cities, appearing in dozens of famous films. Venice, London, Rome, Paris, Budapest…. and the list just goes on and on. But beside or maybe inside this big cities there are a lot of hidden gems. Places, buildings you may don’t even know they exist in real life. Here I collected locations visited by me from movies what I have seen.

So let the list begin:

Ice Q 

In the ski area of Sölden (Austria), there is a unique ski hütte, a gourment restaurant above 3000 m high. You can explore it by taking the huge Gaislachkogel gondola. The building plays a role in the latest James Bond movie: Spectre, where it operates as a futuristic health care center. For more information about IceQ click here.


This amazing research center including the Lard Hadron Collider is located in Geneva (Switzerland). The center was in the opening scene of the movie Angels and Demons. It is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, has an open exhibition for tourist and sometime they organize tours to the amazing ATLAS collider. For more information click here.

Kings Cross and platform 9 3/4

In the movies of Harry Potter the famous train Hoghwarts Express departs from platform 93/4, Kings Cross. You may know that Kings Cross really exist in London, and operates as a train station in real life too. Of course there is no platform 93/4, but they made a fake one for tourists. Her you can make an epic “passing the platform” photo, but beware sometimes there is quite a big queue.

Karlovy Vary and Loket

In the North Western part of Czech Republic lies a little town Karlovy Vary. The town was used in the movie James Bonds Casino Royale. The luxury Grandhotel Pupp built in 1701 appears in the Bond movie as Hotel Splendide in Montenegro. Next to the hotel is an abandoned building The Kaiserbad Spa and was used to film the exterior of the casino. About 15-20 minutes drive from Karlovy Vary lies Loket where Bond, Vesper and Mattise had coffee. Loket appears as Montenegro in the film.


The medieval town in the heart of Tuscany was used as the headquarter of the vampire clan the Volturis in the movie Twilight New Moon. The scenes were set in a fictional version of the town of Volterra, while they were actually filmed in Montepulciano.


Let’s stay in Tuscany. Another amazing old town Siena appeared in the beginning scene of the movie James Bond Quantum of Solace.

Louvre, Arago and St Sulpice

What do they have in common? All from Paris and all from the movie The Da Vinci Code. Louvre: the epic opening scene, where Sophie’s grandfather was killed. St Sulpice is the church where Silase cracks the floor to find the Gral and kills the nun. The bronze disk Arago is part of the Rose Line the Paris Meridian. It is not easy to find the Arago signs, there are one behind the Comedie Francaise and near the Palais Royal.

Furka Pass

There is an epic scenic road in Switzerland. The serpentine has barely no railing. During the drive you will find more abandoned old styled hotels including the most photographed hotel Belvedere. This road can be seen in the movie James Bond Goldfinger.


If you love romantic movies don’t miss A good year with Russel Crow and Marion Cottilard. The movie has a lot of scenes in the amazing Provance including the old town of Gordes.

Vik and Pingvellier NP

Are you prepared to meet the white walkers? Yes, some of the beyond the wall scenes from Game of Thrones where shot in the black sand beach and in the Pingvellier National Park Iceland.


Sibenik, Trogir

Game of Thrones has many more locations around Europe. More ancient towns where used in Croatia. Sibenik appears as Braavos, while Trogir is the the trading harbour of Qarth.

Leavesden Studio

If you are a real Harry Potter fan Leavesden Studio is your place. Close to London the operating Warner Bros studio is where a lot of scenes was made for the Harry Potter movies. Now the studio has an exhibition area for tourist where you can see the real movie sets, clothes, objects…. For more information click here, or read my post about it here.

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