The Mirage – Step out to the Strip

Step out to the Strip… 🎰

Hotel Mirage is a good choice if you wanna stay on the famous Strip. And of course why not? It is the hearth of Vegas! The hotel lies on the northern part of the Strip close to The Wynn, Belaggio, or The Venetian. Like many others, the building is a huge complex with 3044 room over 31 floors. Full of restaurants, casinos, bars, lounges, shops….. it is like a big shopping mall, a whole unique world.

Entering the big gate and passing by the explosive Volcano (a trademark that “erupts” nightly at 7PM and 8PM, plus 9PM on Friday and Saturday) you will arrive to the main entrance. Stepping inside the hotel you find yourself in the huge atrium with amazing orchids, waterfalls etc.

On the right of the atrium is the registration desk with a huge aquarium home to nearly 1000 specimens. Also the famous night bar Club 1 Oak with a 1,500 m2 area is right from the atrium. On the left side you will find the casinos, bars, restaurants, shops, the spa and pool area also the way to the elevators.

The hotel features a unique dolphin and wild animal habitat: Siegfried’s & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat. Here you can meet the lovely bottle nose dolphins, and there is an opportunity to become dolphin trainer for a day. There are many more activities with the dolphins like yoga, painting, or just share a kiss. Not only dolphins are in the garden, you will find white lions, white tigers, and leopards.

The Mirage offers a large variety for dining or lunch options, including burger bars like LVB, fine cuisine at Heritage Steak, or Italian cuisine. There are also 24-hour open restaurants like The Pantry. Alongside the restaurants you will find many bars and lounges with amazing cocktails and drinks.

Nightlife is buzz! In the casino area you can participate poker tournaments, try one of the thousand slot machines, play black jack, roulette or many more games. Entering a poker tournament varies between 60-120 dollar, playing blackjack or roulette has a minimum bet/round from 10-15 dollar.

Overall, the Mirage is a wonderful choice. It is alongside the Strip. The rooms are not that expensive, and some of them have amazing view over the city.

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