10 facts about about Germany’s fairy tale castle: Neuschwanstein

Here are 10 interesting facts about Germany’s fairy tale castle you need to know before visit 🏰

Fact Nr. 1

-It is the most visited castles in the world-

Fact Nr. 2

-It has inspired Walt Disney’s logo, the Cinderella Castle and the Sleeping Beauty Castle-

Fact Nr. 3

-The castle has 6000 visitors/day during summertime, and around 1.3 million in a year-

Fact Nr. 4

-The construction of the castle began in 1869-

Fact Nr. 5

-The castle was built by King Ludwin II who slept only 11 night there-

Fact Nr. 6

-It is the most photographed building in Germany, and one of the best photo spot is the Marienbrücke-

Fact Nr. 7 

-Neuschwanstein needs continuous renovation while the limestone are damaged by the harsh climate-

Fact Nr. 8

-During World War II thousands of art were stored in the castle-

Fact Nr. 9

-Many rooms were inspired by Wagner’s operas, because King Ludwig II was Wagner’s patron-

Fact Nr. 10 

-Is not permitted to photography inside the castle-

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