Italy from North to South: 15 must see places

Italy has many different places to discover. In the North there is south Tyrol and the amazing lakes, in the middle you will find Tuscany, and heading to south: Rome, Positano, Puglia etc..

Here are my top 15 place to visit in Italy


I. Hike around the Lago di Braies and explore the Dolomites

There are plenty of amazing lakes in south Tyrol, but clearly one of the most photographed one is Lago di Braies or Pragser Wildsee. The lake has an incredible turquiose color, and if you visit it during summer you can hire a boat. After visiting the lake drive to the little town Santa Magdalena, where you can have a spectacular view of the Dolomites.

II. Visit the Duomo of Milan

Behind this industrial town there is much to see: it is the capital of fashion, the home of La Scala and the mural painting Last Supper, but the most famous spot is the Duomo, the third largest church in the world.

III. Share a night with Lake Garda

On the Norther part of Italy are many amazing lakes like Como, Garda etc. Sirmione, is a lovely little town what lies on a peninsula and has an amazing view over lake Garda. Book a lake view room and enjoy the sunset with a glass of italian wine.

IV. Take a gondola ride in Venice

It is preatty easy to get lost in vencie. Full of narrow streets, little bridges… But there is an another face of the city. Take a gondola ride, and you will enter places where no foot can go.

V. Birdwatching around the Po delta

Wanna see wild flamingos? Yep, you don’t have to travel to Aruba or some exotic places. In italy, where Po ends at a delta projecting into the Adriatic Sea lives a bunch of pink flamingoes. Here you can go on a boat trip, or just walk around and if you are lucky enoug you will see them.

VI. Visit the colorful Cinque Terre

This must see place lies in the Liguria region of Italy. The five colorful towns requires a day or more to see them not in a hurry. In this post you will find more informations.

VII. Hold the leaning tower of Pisa

Entering Tuscany the first town to visit is Pisa. Beside the world famous Leaning Tower the city contains more than 20 historic churches and many bridges across the river Arno.

VIII. Get lost in Florence

The capital of Tuscany. The birthplace of the Renaissance. Millions of tourists come here each year, to visit the UNESCO declared Historic Centre or the Uffizi Gallery and the Palazzo Pitti

IX. Drive across the amazing landscapes of Tuscany

If you are by car leave the highway and drive across Tuscany where postcards become reality.

X. Time travel in Rome

The capital of Italy is a real time travel. Entering this city takes you back to the ancient world. The town is full of ruins, churches and there are over 2000 fountains in all, more than any other city in the world. Be prepared that from spring to middle autumn the city is really crowded. Entering the colosseum can least about 3-4 hours.

XI. Climb the Vesuvius

Looking inside the caldera of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world is a lifetime experience. The walk from the tourist spot to the peak and back is around 4 km and takes about 2-3 hours. The surrounding landscape and nature is really unique.

XII. Drive the Amalfi coast and have dinner in Positano

If you are not an experienced driver than be prepared. Driving the Amalfi coast can be tricky. The streats are really small, and the huge tourist buses are allowed to enter the towns, which makes the traffic crazy. But the sight worth it.

XIII. Visit one of the oldest continuously inhabited city: Matera

Home to many movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, or appearing in the videoclip of Robin Schulz: Sun goes down, this historical town is inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. It is a must see spot if you are wandering around the southern part of Italy.

XIV. Sleep inside a trullo in Alberobello

Clearly one of the most famous or well known place in the southern part of Italy is the trullos of Alberobello. Once you decide to come here don’t hesitate to book a trullo.

XV. Don’t miss the white city: Ostuni

Less than a 1 hour drive from Alberobello lies the white city Ostuni. Famous for it’s olive oil and wine. The white walls and typically white-painted architecture in the old town makes the city a famous tourist spot.

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