Festival in the city – Budapest Park

🎡 Festival feeling in the city 🎡

Hungary has many famous festival: Sziget, Volt, Balaton Sound… The nightlife in the capital is buzz too: Ruin pubs, clubs, bars… There are many options to party. If you are about to have that festival feeling but major festivals aren’t on at the moment visit Budapest Park, the biggest outside entertainment venue in the capital.

Open from May to September, with a capacity of 12 000 people, and giving place to many major Hungarian and foreign artists like Marilyn Manson, Jason Deluro, Billy Idol, Scooter….

Live concerts 🎤

The attraction happens on the main stage. Better to buy your ticket online (here) while sometimes concert can be sold out quit before the show. The cheapest tickets are for the fighting area. If you have a ticket like this, but wanna get a place in the front row, I suggest to arrive a few hours earlier. For a better view or more exclusive experience there are terraces, sky boxes, and VIP lounges.

After the concerts 🕺

The live concert are usually between 6-10 pm, but life doesn’t stop after it. The place is open until dawn, and DJ’s take over the place. There are two main dance fields: the retro garden and the bigger dance field before the main stage.

Food & Drink 🌭🍺

Of course there is no party without eating and drinking: Wine and cocktail bars, beer stands, many fast food or street food kiosks (KFC, hot dog, grill bar) offers their food and drink.

If you are exhausted… 😵

Dancing will make you exhausted, but no worries, the place has a cool resting area with a lot of banks, stools. Here you can sit down enjoy the music talk, or eat drink before returning to the dance field.

How to get there 🚋

Budapest Park is not in the main center of the city, the address of the place is Soroksari ut 60, 1095. The most easy way to reach it buy public transports are:

Tram nr. 1, 2, 24, 51

Local rail (hév) nr. 5, 6

Bus nr. 23, 54, 55, 179

Nigh bus nr. 901, 918, 923, 937, 979

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