The Warner Bros studio near to London is full of Harry Potter relics. You can see complete movie sets, authentic costumes, objects… The studio is located about 1-1.5 hours drive from central London near Leavesden.

First, you will arrive to the Great Hall, the journey starts from here. One of the most iconic scene during the films. The opening ceremonies, the famous Halloween dinners, or the sorting of the students to different houses. All happened here.

Leaving the Great Hall you will enter to the first huge studio where costumes, real movie sets from all 7 movies are visible. You can visit Dumbledor’s office, or Umbridge’s pink room and many more….
You can take potion classes with Snape, check the memories for the pensive or visit Gryffindor’s common room.

One of the most amazing part is clearly the Diagonalley. It is funny to walk on the streets of Diagonally where the real movie scenes were recorded. Potion shops, Olivanders Wand store, the entrance of the Gringotts….

Entering the garden area, you can bang on the door of the Dursleys under Privet Drive nr. 4. See the tomb of Voldemort, or hop on the Knight Bus.

And these are just a few thing to mentioned from all the amazing things to see there. Also, you can taste a mug of butter beer.

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