Italy: Not that touristic instagrammable places

Italy is full of instagrammable spots. Many visit the major cities like Florence, Rome, the romantic Venice or the colorful Cinque Terre, the amazing landscapes of Tuscany or the mesmerizing Amalfi coast. But Italy is more of that. In this post I will show you not that popular but truly amazing another instagrammable places.

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1. South Tyrol – Hotel Belvedere

If you always wanted to make a ‘breakfast with a view’ pic or an infinity pool pic, I recommend staying at Hotel Belvedere near Bolzano. The infinity pool operates all year long, but the breakfast pic is only available when the weather is good. The hotel is not that expensive and it is close to the amazing Dolomites and Lago di Braies.

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2. Santa Magdalena

If you want a nice quiet place with an amazing view over the Dolomites, visit Santa Magdelena. There is a lovely little church on the hill, with an epic landscape sight.

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3. The Vesuvius

It is clearly an unique experience hiking an active volcano with a landscape not seen everywhere. Also the place is close to the famous Amalfi coast.

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4. Ostuni

The southern part of Italy is just getting more and more popular. It is full of old towns, hidden gems. Ostuni or called the White City has many narrow streets with potential instagrammable spots.

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5. Matera 

Not that far away from Ostuni, is an another magical place: the ancient Matera, appearing in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, or in the videoclip of Robin Schulz: Sun goes down. This historical town is inhabited since the 10th millennium BC, and has many amazing places to take a pic.

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6. Alberobello

Clearly on of the most popular destination nowadays in southern Italy is Alberobello. It is getting more and more touristic, but still not that crowded like Rome or Florence. The lovely trullos are just amazing, and very unique.

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7. 1950 America Dinner

If you like American style restaurants and food, visit one of 1950 American Dinner restaurants. Beside having a good lunch or dinner, it has an amazing interior design. You can make ‘American feeling’ instagram pics.

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8. Asciano 

Tuscany is a really popular destination. But many may don’t know Agritourismo Baccoleno near Asciano, what really worth a pic.

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