Mountain lakes in Europe

Little lakes with crystal clear water, breathtaking landscape. This is what you see when visiting mountain lakes. Here I collected the most amazing mountain lakes in Europe.

Lago di Braies – Italy🇮🇹

Lago di Braies is one of the most famous lake in the Italian Dolomites. It is sadly pretty touristic. If you wanna take a boat trip I suggest visiting it during summertime, while in spring sometime it has still ice cover.

Rifflesee – Switzerland🇨🇭

The famous peak Matterhorn is usually photographed with a lake front of it. It is called Rifflesee,  and you can reach it from Zermatt. Take the cogwheel to Gornergrat, then with a little hike you will arrive (for more click here).

Blausee – Switzerland🇨🇭

There is an amazing little gem in Switzerland, called Blausee. You have to purchase a ticket to enter the park, also it is quite touristic. The lake is extraordinary while there are many logs underwater, and also a statue.

Totesee – Switzerland🇨🇭

This small natural lake is above 2000 m at the Grimsel Pass in Switzerland. There is amazing panorama, also a restaurant and a hotel.

Štrbské pleso – Slovakia🇸🇰

This beautiful lake is the second-largest glacial lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. There are hotels and restaurants shoreside.

Furka Glacier lake – Switzerland🇨🇭

Furka Pass has many amazing attractions. Not just the abandoned hotels, or the scenic roads, but there is also a huge glacier, with an amazing blue lake. This beauty can be found just front of the famous hotel Belvedere. You have to purchase an entrance fee to visit it.

Königssee – Germany🇩🇪

This amazing lake can be found in Germany, close to the Austrian border, and Salzburg.  The lake was formed by glaciers and it is Germany’s third deepest lake with a max depth of 190 m, and an average depth of 98,1 m .

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The Dolomites has many more amazing lakes alongside Lago di Braies. Here is my top three:

Lago Sorapis – Italy🇮🇹

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Lago Dobbiacho – Italy 🇮🇹

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Lago Carezza – Italy 🇮🇹

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