Instagrammable places in Switzerland

Switzerland is amazing. High mountains and peaks, lovely cities, blue lakes, cogwheels….  This little country has many amazing instagrammable spots. Here I collected some what I have visited.

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1. Lauterbrunnen

This little town is really close to Jungfrau and the city Interlaken. It is famous for the 297 m high Staubbach Fall waterfall.

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2. Blausee

Blausee can be found in the Kander valley. It is a small lake, and has an amazing color. When the weather is good you can take a boat trip on it. The lake is full of old logs, and also there is a statue inside.

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3. 3100 Kulm Hotel Gornergrat (Zermatt)

3100 Kulm Hotel can be found on the top of Gornergrat. Some of the rooms have amazing view over the Matterhorn. As it name says, it is above 3000 m, therefore the first nights are preatty hard.

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4. Gornergrat Zermatt

Arriving to Zermatt, you can take the cogwheel to Gornergrat, and make a hike. Here you will have many many amazing instagrammable spots. The Rifflesee is an iconic place to take a pic about the Matterhon. There are many Glaciers, and  more summits over 4000 m. Also if you are lucky enough you will meet the famous black nose sheeps.

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5. Pilatus

Mount Pilatus is close to Lucerne, and overlooks the valley. The world steepest cogwheel will take you to the top. Also the ride and the top worth the pics.

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6. Furka pass

Furka Pass is one of the most scenic road in Swiss. The elevation is almost 2500 m, and it is the fourth of the highest road passes in Swiss. Alongside the road you will find many cool spots. Hotel Furcablick, and the iconic Hotel Belvedere is worth the pic. Next to Belvedere you will find the Rhone Glacier Ice Grotto, decently worth a visit. There is a 100m long ice tunnel, also the glacier lake is pretty cool.

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7. Adelboden

This little Ski resort has a lovely spa hotel called Cambrian, with beautiful view over the valley. Close to the town you will find an amazing suspended bridge.

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8. Lavertezzo

Lavertezzo is a middle aged village in the canton of Ticino, close to Lugano. The city has an amazing blue river, here you can swim during summertime. The amazing double arch stone bridge was built in the 17th century, and is an iconic sight of the village.

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