Best places to go with friends in Europe

Budapest 🎉

Budapest is my hometown. The city has many attractions to see. From the famous spas like Rudas or Széchenyi trough the buzzing nightlife with the world famous ruin pubs (click here for more) it is full of attractions. Aslo Budapest gives home to the famous music festival Sziget with performers like Dua Lipa, Rihanna, Kendric Lamaar, Martin Garrix…

Prague 🍻

When it comes to beer visit Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. The city is pretty touristic, full of people day and night. Prague has many pubs, with lot of beer variations to taste. If you are more into beers join a beer tasting tour. Many companies offers such things.

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Rafting 🚣

Rafting is fun. Many people are a bit afraid, but it is worth to try. Best time to go is during autumn or spring.  I recommend Slovenia. It will be a weekend to remember.

Ski trip 🎿

Winter is mostly, dark, cold, and boring. But if you don’t want to miss the fun take a ski trip. You can go with organized trips, like the ski week. If you organize it by yourself Austria or France has many cool ski paradises: Hintertux, Nassfeld, Tirol, Les Orres….

And don’t forget to drink mulled wine and listen to Apré Ski Hits 🙂

Barcelona ⛱️

Barcelona has mostly everything you need: beaches, culture, shopping and nightlife. It is a must visit place.  Shopping is pretty cool during July or august, they have amazing sales. If you are about to take a cultural day, the city is full with buildings designed by Gaudi: Sagrada Família, Güell Park, Casa Míla or Casa Battlo. The nightlife is almost everywhere in the Gothic area. This part of the city never sleeps. Also you will find cool bars close to the beaches. And if you want to add some extra fun, just take a plane and visit Ibiza for a couple of days.

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Summer Festivals 🎡

Summer is about festivals. There are plenty of major festivals all-over Europe, with great line up. Glastonbury, or Tomorrowland are two big names, but almost impossible to get ticket, while they are sold out in a minute. Although there are many more alternative options. You can take the Jacht week, or visit the biggest lake in Europe giving home to Hungary’s major electronic music festival the Balaton Sound. Sziget the biggest multicultural event in Europe can be found in Budapest, Austria offers Nova Rock, Croatia gives home to Ultra, and the list is long.

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London 🍺

London. What is the first thing that pops up in your mind: Cold? Rain? Boring? Hell NO! London is my favorite city to visit. It has an atmosphere that I cannot describe. The city has many cool parts, like the Soho, Camden Town, Kensington, Westimster…

There are many cool designed typical English pubs that cannot really be found anywhere but the UK or Ireland. Also London has many theaters, with famous plays like the Lion King, or the Phantom of the Opera.

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Amusement parks 🎢

If you are not afraid of falling, turning upside down or from speed, you should visit one of the many mesmerizing amusement parks that can be found all-over Europe. Walibi and Bobeejaland in Belgium, Disneyland in Paris. Phantashialand, Europa park in Germany, Tivoli Garden in Denmark, Parc Asterix in France, Alton Towers in UK….

Just pick 2-3 days when the weather is nice, (better not weekend, or during school holidays while it can be very crowded) and lets go!

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Krakow 🍔

Is the little sister of Budapest. Many young people come here from all over the world, therefore you won’t be a foreign here. The city is full of street foods and pubs. As they say, Krakow has the highest density of bars and clubs in the world. The nightlife is intense and happens mainly in the old town, and in the Jewish quarter Kazimierz. Latter offering mainly cool pubs while the old town clubs. Beside the nightlife, there is also history. If you are not by car you can book guided tour to visit the memorial and museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Wieliczka salt mine, Schindlers Factory….

Croatia and Ultra Music Festival

Croatia is getting more touristic year by year, but it is still a cool place to visit. Take a road trip along the shore, where not just the amazing blue beaches, but the ancient little towns worth a visit. And if you would like to go to party, Split gives home to music festival ultra.

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