Do’s and Don’ts: Skiing

Skiing is exciting: the nature, the weather, the speed… I’ve been doing this sport for more than 25 years now. I’m not a pro, only visiting the slopes 1 or 2 weeks in a year.

If you are not someone who go skiing many time, or maybe you are just planning your first trip, I collected you a do and don’ts about skiing.

Fact Nr. 1 🎿
Skiing is not a fashion show. It looks glorious on Instagram models, or on Hollywood celebrities to wear ‘earphone like’ ear warmer, with designer sunglass and pony tail. But the truth is, when you are above 1500-2000 m sea level, in a temperature somtimes below -15 degrees etc., all you will wish for is warm scarf, cap, clothes, and gloves. So don’t leave them home 🙂

Fact Nr. 2 🎿
Wear goggles not sunglasses. Sunglasses looks really fashionable, but it is uncomfortable to put under the helmet, also it is much more windy.

Fact Nr. 3 🎿
When it comes to clothes, wear a wool or synthetic base layer, never cotton, while it absorbs all the moisture, therefore you will feel more cold.

Fact Nr. 4 🎿
If you are not a pro, I suggest to rent your equipments. Always rent one size bigger shoes, because you will wear thick socks.

Fact Nr. 5 🎿
During skiing your skin will have to stand against wind, cold, snow…. Therefore treatments are really important. Take pocket size suncream with you, because the snow has a high albedo. Also take lip balms.

Fact Nr. 6 🎿
Don’t put moisturizers in the morning on your face, as it can freeze, causing frostbite.

Fact Nr. 7 🎿
Don’t leave without handkerchief. In the windy cold weather you will need them. Bring a huge amount.

Fact Nr. 8 🎿
Skiing off-piste may be fun, but beware! Only go if you have experience. Here you are fully responsible for yourself.

Fact Nr. 9 🎿
Don’t go without travel insurance!

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