Sleeping above 3000 m

If you love extraordinary hotels 3100 Kulm is a must visit place. This hotel can be found next to the amazing peak, Matterhorn, and surrounded by 29 four-thousanders. This is the highest hotel in the Swiss Alps, and up here the air pressure and the oxygen level is much different from the values we are used to. Therefore the first 1 or 2 night can be rough.

If you decide to too book some nights here, definitely choose a room with Matterhorn view. The sunset and sunrise is just amazing. When there are no tourists, the place becomes really peaceful and quiet.

How to get there

The place can be reached by the Gornergrat Bahn, leaving from the beautiful town of Zermatt. The ride takes about 40 minutes. The check-in is after 3 p.m., and the checkout is until 11 noon. The cogwheel tickets are not included in the booking price, so even if you are a guest, you must buy your own ticket. For more check this post.

The Rooms

The rooms on the west side of the hotel have an amazing view of the Matterhorn. The rooms on the south side face Monte Rosa. The hotel has no regular room numbers. All the rooms are named after one of the peaks, and the height of the peak gives the room number. The design is minimalist, and dominated by Swiss pine wood.

The view is unbeatable, as they say “it is your personal observation station with an unparalleled view of the mountain peaks and glacier”. The rooms are equipped with tea, coffee maker.

The Restaurants

The Hotel has two restaurants. One is accessible for the tourists, and one is only for hotel guests. Latter named Vis-á-Vis offers culinary classics and uses local products. The Panorama Self buffet is self-service restaurant, accessible for the tourist as well. It offers a selection of fresh salads, sandwiches or warm dishes. When the weather is good, you can take a seat on the open terrace, and enjoy the panorama.

What to do

You may think there is not much to do. But it is not true. There are many hiking trail options. By visiting Riffelsee you can take amazing pictures. If you are brave enough, you can hike down to the town Zermatt (count that this may takes the whole day), than return with the cogwheel.

Watching the sunset and sunrise is also a cool experience. When there are no clouds, the night sky can be amazing, and during dawn don’t miss the golden peak.

If you like skiing, this is your place. Here you will find slopes that has snow during summertime too. So you can go skiing here any time of the year.

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