Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia

If you love Game Of Thrones and also love to visit filming locations then there are a lot of options for you. From Iceland to Spain, Malta or Croatia there are many-many places to visit in Europe.

🦁 In this post I collected the most important spots in Croatia 🐲

The city of Meereen 🐲

The city of Meereen appears many times in the series. It is the largest of the three great Slaver Cities in Essoss. The city of Meereen exists in real life, the Klis fortress is just 20 minutes north of Split. Entering the medieval fortress will cost you 40 Kuna. It is not a popular tourist attraction yet, therefore you won’t be fighting the crowds to get the best view.

Trsteno Arboretum 🦁

This amazing garden overlooking the Adriatic Sea appears as the garden of Kings Landing. The arboretum was build in the late 15th century, and it is just 20 minutes from Dubrovnik. This is where Sansa speaks with Lady Olenna, or walks around the fountain with Loras Tyrell. Here is where Lord Varys and Olenna become allies and also it’s in Trsteno where Oberyn promises Cercei he will bring her gift to Myrcella.

The old town of Dubrovnik 🦁 ⚔️ 🐲

Dubrovnik appears as Kings Landing. It has many many filming locations, the most famous ones are:
– The Mincenta tower as the walls of the House of the Undying, where Daenerys walks around trying to find the entrance to her dragons.
– The fortress of Lovrijenac is where King Joffrey’s name day took place, also where Cersei speaks with Baelish on The Red Keep
– St. Dominika street is where the Sparrows were preaching
– A bit outside of Dubrovnik you will find Hotel Belvedere, which served as the location for the fight between Oberyn and the Mountain, the only difference is that this small amphitheater is painted by soccer fans.
– The Pile gate is the entrance to the old town, and been used a number of times in the series. Here is where king Joffrey get attacked by the angry mobs.
– The Pile harbour and the the west pier also appears many times as Blackwater Bay
– The city walls has an amazing panoramic view over the old town. Entering the walls will cost you 150 Kuna, and be there at opening time (8 am) to avoid the crowd.
– The Jesuit Stair Case is an iconic place, here was the famous walk of shame.

Island of Lokrum 🐲

Close to the city of Dubrovnik you will find a little island full of wild peacocks and bunnys. This island is called Lokrum and the old monastery on the island appeared as the city of Quarth. This is where Daenerys meets the Spice King. Also you will find the Iron Throne here made for fans. A return ticket to the island from Dubrovnik is 100 Kuna.

Sibenik 💰

Sibenik in Season 5 is the city of Braavos. The St. James Cathedral appears as The Iron Bank, also here is where Arya follows Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant.

Split 🐲

The second largest city in Croatia is the location of many Daenerys scenes. The Diocletian’s Palace is where we see Daenarys in her throne room of Meereen. The basement of the palace is where she locks the dragons, and visits them.


Trogir 🗡️

The amazing dalmatian town Trogir doubles as the trading harbour of Qarth.

Wall of Ston 🦁🦅

The Great Wall of Europe surround the city of Ston in Southern Croatia. It represents King’s Landing and also some of the Eyrie.


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