The best Ruin Pubs and Clubs of Budapest

There are countless of ruin pubs and clubs in the heart of Budapest. These old abandoned buildings in the Jewish Quarter where transformed into -nowadays quite famous- bars at the beginning of the millenium. The places were filled up with all kind of mismatched furnitures, to give them a unique and eclectic interior.

🇭🇺 Here I collected the best and most famous ruin bars and clubs 🏚️

Szimpla Kert 🐰

Szimpla is one of the first ruin pub to open in Budapest, and definitely one of the most famous among tourists. Opened in 2002 and nowadays it sees 50 000 people in a night, and 80% of them are tourists.
Adress: Kazinczy u. 14, 1075

Anker’t 🍺

Anker’t is Budapests biggest beergarden and party place. It has an open air aula and an indoor dance field. There are four bars and two food stalls serving vegan food and also hamburgers.
Adress: Paulay Ede u. 33, 1061

Extra 🍹

As the say: EXTRA offers many ways to enjoy yourself. During daytime they play lunge music, when the night falls DJs and live performers hosts the party. Extra has no dance field, but you will find here a selection of premium quality wines and crafted beers also cocktails. And if you feel like to dance, just opposite the bar is Doboz, one of the most visited ruin club of Budapest.
Adress: Klauzál u. 15, 1072

Doboz 💝

Doboz is one of the most famous ruin club in Budapest. 1500 people can fit in the “red box”. The choice of drinks is enormous, it has more than one dance field, also lounge areas.
Adress: Klauzál u. 10, 1072 

Instant-Fogas 💋

Instant or Fogas in a huge club complex, converted from 2 houses, and now it is one of the biggest ruin club in Budapest. Operating 6 bars, 3 dance floors & 2 garden areas, this party complex offers you anything you need: food, drinks, and dance fields with different taste of music.
Adress: Akácfa u. 51, 1073

Mazel Tov 🌿

Visit Mazel Tov if you are into gastro. It is not like the above mentioned places, more focusing on gastronomy. This middle eastern restaurant has a well designed, industrial-chic interior, offering Israeli and other Mediterranean dishes. The restaurant is just a few steps away from Fogas.
Akácfa u. 47, 1072


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