The Champagne and Wine Festival of Budafok

There are plenty of wine festivals in Hungary, many of them in Budapest. But the festival held in Budafok (part of district 22) is different.
Because Budafok used to be the most important vineyard of the greater Budapest area as well as Central Hungary. Also called the wine city of Budapest. There are approximately 30-40 km of the underground passages for wine storing, not to mention it is the largest in Europe. You will find here wines from all the 22 wine-regions of Hungary.


The festival has been organized in the beginning of September for more than twenty years now. At the time of the festival the huge 100 km long underground labyrinth is open to the public. There are regular guided tours in the wine cellars, also wines can be tasted.

The festival is free to visit and during the two day long event you can taste different wines and champagnes, Hungarian food, wander around the shop stalls or go on a wine cellar tour. There are different areas to visit with different types of concerts/programs.

Wine Tasting

If you would like to taste spirits, wines or champagnes first you need to buy the festival glass. The glass will cost you 500 HUF (appr. 2 dollars).
There are many many vineries offering their products. Oroszlános Udvar is the main wine tasting area of the festival.

Wine cellar tours

There are many wine cellars to visit. They organize shuttle buses to make it easier for you, but you can walk between the places as well.
Places I recommend are: Garamvary cellar, Zaborszky cellar, Lics Winery, Törley Manufactory. They have guided tours, where you can see example how champagnes are made.

Areas to visit

As I mentioned the festival has many different places to visit with different music and programs. They have the wine garden with the main concerts, here you will find many vineries offering their products for taste. The Champagne square is just next to the wine garden, also with a lot of tasting kiosks. These are the two main areas, but there are more to visit.

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