Welcome to my blog!

I’m Barbara from Budapest. I begun traveling solo, when I was 18, nowadays I travel whit my husband. Soon traveling and photography become my hobby, and I was thinking why not to share. Therefore I made this blog, and also created an instagram account.

Where did my account name come from? Travel+Biology. I’m really interested in cell biology, and once read an article about a gene what makes you desperate to travel. This gene is called the traveler or the wanderlust gene. The gene acts on the brain’s dopamine levels which in turn affects behavior and motivation. It exists in 20% of the population. Thats the solution, thats why I choose to call my blog Thetravelergene 🙂

Here I will give you tips how, where or when to travel. I will show you instagrammable places all around the world, and give hotel reviews about places I have visited.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by filling the contact form, and if you are interested in my blog, subscribe 🙂


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